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The pool is set on private residents amid nature and is an oasis of tranquillity and beauty. A lush setting with exotic tropical plants and lush trees surrounding the pool, these natural surroundings provide a peaceful and relaxing ambience. The crystal-clear and refreshing water invites your little one into a space of learning and fun.

Shower and toilet facilities and parking on site.


Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Courses in Uvita



Pleun pursued various educational pathways in life.
She studied to become a Social Studies Teacher when she met her husband Mick in the summer of 2012 on a surf camp in France.After travelling through New Zealand, Asia and Europe for a while their first son, Ngaru was born. Becoming a mother and doing a Doula course Pleun recognises she wanted to work with children and their parents. Doing the Self Rescue course with Ngaru inspired her to become an instructor herself. In 2019, after her second son, Momoa was born, she was trained by Zoe.

Now Pleun and her husband are raising their two wild boys in the jungle of Costa Rica.
Since it became evident, throughout their travels, that the Netherlands was not their place to be. In 2022, in the heart of Uvita, Costa Rica, they discovered the gem that they call home now; Tierra de Alegria. On their one hectare of jungle land with running water and lush greenery they envision different projects coming to life. One of them is an aquatic sanctuary where they can invite families to come swim and stay.
Pleun completed courses regarding permaculture, natural building and plant identification in the past few years, to acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary for their diverse projects.

In this country, where the tropical climate enforces people to look for the refreshment of water, it is a necessity to provide good resources for children to be safe in and around water. Pleun is excited to start the Children of the Water journey in Costa Rica.