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San José, 26

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Frank is from a sports background having been a football player. In 2014 he finished his first ‘Iron Man’ in Florida. Hawaii is still his biggest dream. When he met his now wife, Krisje, who was already a swimming instructor, he was very interested in also teaching swimming. In 2017, Frank was fully trained by Krisje through their swimming school, Aqua House Swimschool in Schilde, Antwerp.
As a trained swimming instructor Frank can teach babies from crawling age all the way up to adulthood. Children of the Water and Aqua House form a beautiful collaboration.


Krisje started her swimming journey when she was only 10 months old. Her Father often took her swimming in the sea where she felt like a fish in the water. Not long after that she joined a swim school, became a competitive swimmer and won her first medal when she was only 8 years old. Krisje became National Champion of Belgium from fourteen years old until sixteen. When she was nineteen she broke the record for 50m front crawl. Krisje was in the National team for 8 years. Not surprisingly, Krisje has been running her own wonderful Aqua House Swim school for over 30 years and is very passionate about teaching little ones her amazing skills, together with our Self Rescue technique! Besides swimming Krisje loves to travel the world.