Enjoy true peace of mind
with children around water

For all children from 9 months
up to 6 years

Teach essential swimming
survival skills

How does it work?

Our courses are a journey from first survival to truly thriving in the water. Depending on age and experience you can step in at any part of the journey or pick a specific course that best fits the age and experience of your child.

After the first Self Rescue course you can choose to continue the add-on courses to dive deeper into developing swimming skills.

Add-on courses and specialties

After our courses we strongly advise to continue swimming.
We have several options to continue swimming with us.


Build confidence for both you and your child.

Enjoy real peace of mind with Self Rescue, which empowers your child to have the skills and confidence to know exactly how to save themselves in and around water.

Our courses are the foundation of lifelong skills in the water. We understand the importance of you, as a parent being involved in every step of your child’s swimming journey. We invite you in the water to be part of the process and teach you how to be with your child and practise the skills they have learnt. Confidence is built on trust, mastering the technique and empowering you and your child every step of the way.

Feel Safe

Your child is safe once they have mastered the skills to Self Rescue.

Create a healthy routine

Swimming on a regular basis helps your child build confidence and physical well- being.

Build Confidence

Starting to swim with your child at an early age will build lifelong skills in the water and aid development


Trusting the process and a new awareness builds a lasting relationship with water.

Hey mama.

From the moment we welcome our tiny ones, we worry and are constantly focused on taking care of and safe-guarding our children.

What happens every time you and your children are around water?

Cue stress and worry, right?

We want to put your mind at ease.

As industry leaders, Children of the Water is at the fore front of Self Rescue, globally. Our highly trained and specialised instructors are qualified to teach your little ones these life saving skills. Furthermore, our in house Training Academy is Europe’s only training facility to run training courses to become a Self Rescue instructor. Our technique is renowned internationally and we pride ourselves on being the benchmark of Self Rescue.

We can teach yours too.

Special offers made
for the whole family

We come to you, exclusively, anywhere in the world.

A 10 day live in Self Rescue, Swim-Float-Swim or Fast Track Swimming course in the privacy of your own home, villa or hotel.

  • Being with your child and your family on a daily basis builds a trust which accelerates the learning process
  • Daily swimming with one of our highly trained and certified instructors.
  • We fly to you, anywhere in the world

Swimming with special needs children.

Children of the Water is dedicated to teach children of all ages and abilities.

Our expert instructors are qualified to teach children with special needs including autism, physical disabilities, deafness and visual impairments.

As our courses are one on one, your child will receive 100% dedicated attention. This enables us to work on their individual needs and accelerates the learning process.


Frequently asked questions

Our instructors have a wide range of qualifications from swimming instructors to yoga teachers, child specialists, pro athletes, the list goes on! However our Self Rescue training is extremely rigorous with over 100 hours of initial practical training alone.

Trauma is an unresolved issue of an experience, therefore if a child has had a traumatic experience in the water the best thing you can do is to help them through the trauma by bringing them to the water. We will help guide you and your child in a specialised unique way. It’s important that you as a parent are involved in this process as trauma can often be transferred from parent to child.

If your child does not like the water, we can help guide them through their fears and it’s all the more important to bring them to the water to overcome this.

If your child doesn’t stop crying in the water we will look at the reason why, with a holistic approach. Each child is totally different. This is why we offer one on one sessions so that we can work with the child’s individual needs and not in a group dynamic. Avoidance of the water may just prolong the upset. Enrolling your child in one of our courses even when they are crying means we can look at the root cause of their upset and guide them through it, so they feel safe and confident in the water.

Build confidence for both you and your child.

Experience real peace of mind, relieve and truly enjoy your time while your children. You will never have to be stressed again close to the water, near swimming pools or at the sea.