Prices &
Practical info

For all children who have successfully completed our Self Rescue Course, this will take them further onto their swim journey

*Prices vary in different locations due to costs

The Netherlands €925
UK £750
Amsterdam €945
Dubai €895
Ibiza €895
Bonaire $975
Aruba $975 *plus relocation costs
Curacao $975 *plus relocation costs
Antwerp €925
Sint-Lievens-Esse €895

The course is ten days, 30 minutes per day

Step 2. Swim Float Swim Course

Learning to swim from a to b using a swim – float – swim sequence.
For all children 2 years and up and/ or children that have done Step 1 Self Rescue

Your child will learn to:

  •  Swim – Float on my back -Swim 
  • Use breath control in the water 
  • Swim with my face down in the water to a safe place / parent 
  • Roll over onto my back and float when I need to breathe 

Our Swim-Float-Swim course is offered to all children who have successfully completed our Self Rescue course and will take them further on their swimming journey.

SFS is also the next step towards independently swimming. Depending on the age and the ability to kick their legs, your child will learn to swim from one point to another on their own.

All sessions are one-on-one with a specialised instructor
Each course is 10 days

We offer a a 10 day/2- 2.5 week course, where your child will swim 4 or 5 times a week for 30 minutes per day.